Public Concerts

Free Public Concert Series

LMC’s most visible face is its Public Concert Series that offers over 50 free classical music concerts from October through May by LMC member-musicians and guests. The classical music series is presented at a variety of venues throughout the Seattle metro area, including Seattle Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, Seattle Public Library, Central and West Seattle Branches, University House Wallingford, Mirabella, Bellevue’s Crossroads Community Center Theater and the Music Center of the Northwest in North Seattle.

These intimate, one-hour, music programs are free and open to the public. No advance tickets are required. On the day of the performance at the Frye Museum, attendees are asked to obtain a free ticket at the front desk to monitor auditorium seating.

Bach Anniversary @ Music Center of the Northwest
Mar 30 @ 7:00 pm

Partita in C Minor, according to BWV 1013
I. Allemande
II. Corrente
III. Sarabande
IV. Bourree Anglaise

Sabine Endrigkeit, recorder

F minor Prelude and Fugue from Well Tempered Clavier, book 2

Katie O’Rourke, piano

“Gerechter Gott, ach, rechnest du”(Righteous God, ah, do you judge?) from BWV 89 Was soll ich aus dir machen, Ephraim (What shall I make of you, Ephraim?)

Molly Tomlinson, soprano
Gail Perstein, oboe
Abigail Habegger, piano

“Ich will auf den Herren schaun” (I will look upon the Lord) from BWV 93, Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten (Who only lets dear God rule)

Kristen Swenson, soprano
Gail Perstein, oboe
Abigail Habegger, piano

Italian Piano Concerto in F Major, BWV 971 (1735)
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Presto

Karin McCullough, piano

Flute sonata, BWV1031

  1. Allegro moderato (in E♭ major)
  2. Siciliano (in G minor)
  3. Allegro (in E♭ major)

Gail Perstein, oboe and Abigail Habegger, piano

Sonata for violin and piano in E major, BWV 1016

  1. Adagio
  2. Allegro
  3. Adagio ma non tanto
  4. Allegro

Adrianna Hulscher, violin and Karin McCullough, piano

“Schafe können sicher weiden” (sheep may safely graze) from Was mir behagt, is nur die muntre Jagd, BWV 208 “The Hunting Cantata”

Susan Strick, soprano
Jill Carlsen, flauto dolce
Sabine Endrigkeit, flauto dolce
Karin McCullough, piano




In Perfect Harmony: Music for voices, violin and piano @ West Seattle Library
Apr 14 @ 3:00 pm

Elegie by Jules Massenet (1842-1912)
Violons dan le soir (violins in the night) by Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)
“Berceuse” (Lullaby) from Jocelyn by Benjamin Godard (1849-1895)

Two Eastern Pictures by Gustav Holst (1874-1934)

Chanson de matin (Song of the morning), Op. 15, No. 2 by Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
Salut d’amour (Love’s greeting), Op. 12 by Edward Elgar

“Sea Slumber Song” from Sea Pictures, Op. 37 by Edward Elgar

Romance & Pastorale by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

Silent Noon by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Last invocation by Ralph Vaughn Williams
Love song of the birds by Ralph Vaughn Williams

Lin Chen, soprano and violin
Katie Hochman, soprano
Regina Thomas, soprano
Catherine Treadgold, mezzo-soprano
Joan Lundquist, piano

NW Composers Spotlight @ Music Center of the Northwest
Apr 27 @ 7:00 pm

Keeping Afloat by Heidi Fivash (b. 1984)

Emiko Hori, piano

Sea Change by Sarah Mattox (b. 1974)
1. Becoming Atlantis
2. I Wonder How an Island Feels
3. Reflection
4. Manhattan (is no island)

Katie Stevenson, mezzo-soprano
Candice Chin, violin and Emiko Hori, Piano

March into Spring by Garrett Fisher (b. 1970)
1. Late Spring: Noon
2. Late Winter: Dawn
3. Spring Equinox: Night

Erika Pierson, cello and Katie O’Rourke, piano

Song of Myself, 3 movement cycle on texts by Walt Whitman by Karen P. Thomas (b. 1957)
1. Song of Myself
2. Smile O voluptuous cool-breath’d earth
3. These are really the thoughts of all

Regina Thomas, soprano and Maria Khavin, piano

Four Love Sonnets on texts from Cien sonetos de amor  (100 Love Sonnets) by Pablo Neruda by Jeffrey Moidel
2. and now you’re mine
4. When I die…

Gwen Trussler, mezzo-soprano and Jeffrey Moidel, piano


Radiant Light by Matthew James Briggs (b. 1977)

Candice Chin, violin
Yi Zhou, viola and Erika Pierson, cello

Apparitions: Six Nocturnes on poems by Walt Whitman for Soprano, Violin, B-flat Clarinet, and Piano by John Muehleisen (b. 1955)
1. Twilight
2. After the Dazzle of Day
3. Apparitions
4. Look Down Fair Moon
5. As If a Phantom Carress’d Me
6. A Clear Midnight

Katie Hochman, soprano
Julie Shankland, clarinet
Candice Chin, violin and Asta Vaicekonis, piano

Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Alex Shapiro (b. 1964)
1. Allegro
2. Adagio
3. Vivace

Julie Shankland, clarinet
Candice Chin, violin and Asta Vaicekonis, piano

Brahms piano trio no 2, selections, The merry month of May, songs for soprano @ Seattle Art Museum
May 2 @ 12:00 pm

Piano Trio No. 2, B major, Op 8 by Johannes Brahms
III. Adagio non troppo — Allegro — Tempo primo
I. Allegro con moto — Tempo un poco più Moderato — Schnell

Ann Rackl, violin
Lawrence Chu, (guest artist) cello
Selina Chu, piano

Einem Bach, der fließt/Holde Frühlingszeit (A brook that flows/Lovely springtime) by Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787), text: L. Hensel
Wiegenlied (Cradle song) by  Johann Abraham Peter Schulz (1747-1800), text: Friederike Brun (1765-1835)
Frühlingslied (Spring song) by Franz Schubert (1797-1828), text: Ludwig Christoph Heinrich Hölty (1748-1776)
Erstes Grün (First Green) by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), text: Justinus Kerner (1786-1862)
Frühlingsnacht (Spring night) by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), text: Joseph v. Eichendorff (1788-1857)
Jasminenstrauch ( Jasmine ) by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), text: Friedrich Rückert (1788-1866)
Die Stille (The quiet woman) by Robert Schumann (1810-1856), text: Joseph v. Eichendorff (1788-1857)
Liebst Du um Schönheit (If you love for beauty) by  Clara Schumann (1819-1896), text: Friedrich Rückert (1788-1866)
Sie liebten sich beide (They loved each other) by Clara Schumann (1819-1896), text: Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)
Das Veilchen ( The violet) by Clara Schumann (1819-1896), text: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)
Draußen in Sievering from Die Tänzerin Fanny Elßler (Out in Sievering from Fanny Eissler, the dancer) by Johann Strauß (1825-1899)/Oskar Stalla, text: Hans Adler (1880-1957)

Christine Menschner, soprano and Joan Lundquist, piano

Songs by Bellini & Rossini, Brahms piano trio No. 2 selections @ West Seattle Library
May 12 @ 3:00 pm

Piano Trio No. 2, B major, Op 8 by Johannes Brahms

III. Adagio non troppo — Allegro — Tempo primo
I. Allegro con moto — Tempo un poco più Moderato — Schnell

Ann Rackl, violin
Lawrence Chu (guest artist), cello
Selina Chu, piano

Sei Ariette da camera (Six little salon arias) by Vincenzo Bellini (1801 – 1835)

Malinconia, ninfa gentile (Melancholy, gentle nymph)
Vanne, o rosa fortunata (Go, o fortunate rose)
Bella Nice, che d’amore (Beautiful, Nice, which I love)
Almen se non poss’io (At least, if I am not able)
Per pieta, bel’idol mio (Have mercy, beloved)
Ma rendi pur contento (Only to make her happy)

La Regata Veneziana: Three songs in the Venetian dialect by Gioachino Rossini (1792 – 1868)

Anzoleta avanti la regata (Anzoletta before the regatta)
Anzoleta co passa la regata (Anzoletta during the regatta)
Anzoleta dopo la regata (Anzoletta after the regatta)

Molly Tomlinson, soprano and TBA, piano