We are excited to bring our heritage to you in our digital archive library, made possible through the generosity of 4Culture and private donations. We will be adding artifacts as they are scanned, so check here and the LMC’s news section for updates.

The LMC is proud of our long and rich history over the club’s 125+ year lifetime. In addition to being a club of incredible musicians, we have also been a club of meticulous record-keepers. As a result, the LMC has over 40 boxes of historical artifacts in MOHAI’s Sophie Frye Bass library as well as our own internal archive collection.

Historical LMC Members’ Books

Members’ Books offer a snapshot of the LMC’s activities, musical programs, and members in a given year. Membership Books are listed in chronological order. Older and more recent Members’ Books exist and are forthcoming.

1904-1905 Members' Book
1904-1905 Members’ Book
1905-1906 Members' Book
1905-1906 Members’ Book

1910-1911 Members' Book

1910-1911 Members’ Book

1911-1912 Members' Book
1911-1912 Members’ Book
1912-1913 Members' Book
1912-1913 Members’ Book
1913-1914 Members' Book
1913-1914 Members’ Book
1914-1915 Members' Book
1914-1915 Members’ Book
1915-1916 Members' Book
1915-1916 Members’ Book
1916-1917 Members' Book
1916-1917 Members’ Book
1917-1918 Members' Book
1917-1918 Members’ Book
1918-1919 Members' Book
1918-1919 Members’ Book
1919-1920 Members' Book
1919-1920 Members’ Book
1920-1921 Members' Book
1920-1921 Members’ Book
1922-1923 Members' Book
1922-1923 Members’ Book
1924-1925 Members' Book
1924-1925 Members’ Book
1925-1926 Members' Book
1925-1926 Members’ Book
1926-1927 Members' Book
1926-1927 Members’ Book
1927-1928 Members' Book
1927-1928 Members’ Book
1928-1929 Members' Book
1928-1929 Members’ Book
1929-1930 Members' Book
1929-1930 Members’ Book
1930-1931 Members' Book
1930-1931 Members’ Book
1931-1932 Members' Book
1931-1932 Members’ Book
1932-1934 Members' Book
1932-1934 Members’ Book
1934-1936 Members' Book
1934-1936 Members’ Book
1936-1938 Members' Book
1936-1938 Members’ Book
1938-1940 Members' Book
1938-1940 Members’ Book
1940-1942 Members' Book
1940-1942 Members’ Book
1942-1944 Members' Book
1942-1944 Members’ Book
1944-1946 Members' Book
1944-1946 Members’ Book
1946-1948 Members' Book
1946-1948 Members’ Book
1948-1950 Members' Book
1948-1950 Members’ Book
1950-1952 Members' Book
1950-1952 Members’ Book
1952-1954 Members' Book
1952-1954 Members’ Book
1954-1956 Members' Book
1954-1956 Members’ Book
1956-1958 Members' Book
1956-1958 Members’ Book
1958-1960 Members' Book
1958-1960 Members’ Book

Historical LMC Bylaws

Bylaws were printed in Members’ Books but also printed separately at times.

1923 LMC By-Laws

1935 LMC By-Laws

Historical LMC Auxiliary Members’ Books

The LMC Auxiliary was formed in 1929 to “give young women music students an opportunity for greater self-expression in the Art and an opportunity for the realization of the joy of music as an activity in their lives through the aiding of one another in this accomplishment” (Constitution, Article II). Similar to the LMC Members’ Books, the Auxiliary Members’ Books capture the full activities of the Auxiliary, a list of members and officers, and musical programs. Earlier year books also provide a detailed history of the Ladies Musical Club Auxiliary.

1931-1932 LMC Auxiliary Members’ Book

1934-1935 LMC Auxiliary Members’ Book

1953-1954 LMC Auxiliary Members’ Book

Historical LMC Programs

The LMC provided many musical concerts for the Seattle public, both performed by members as well as performances by world-famous artists for the LMC’s Artist Concert Series (1900-1995). The LMC has record of the programs in both the Members’ Books as well as individual programs that were provided at the event.

1891 LMC Concert Program

1893 LMC Concert Program

Historical LMC Minutes

Minutes from the LMC’s early days reveal extra details about the history of the club.

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