We are excited to bring our heritage to you in our digital archive library, made possible through the generosity of 4Culture, Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture, and private donations. We will be adding artifacts as they are scanned, so check here and the LMC’s news section for updates.

The LMC is proud of our long and rich history over the club’s 130+ year lifetime. In addition to being a club of incredible musicians, we have also been a club of meticulous record-keepers. As a result, the LMC has over 40 boxes of historical artifacts in MOHAI’s Sophie Frye Bass library as well as our own internal archive collection.

Are you a researcher or someone who’s curious to see LMC’s history in documents? Email archives@lmcseattle.org to inquire about the collection or to make an appointment to see these incredible snapshots of our region’s history.

LMC Historical Photographs

Artist photographs were often given to LMC members by the performers or managers when they came to Seattle under the auspices of the LMC for its International Artist Concert Series.

  • Elisabeth Rethberg in Madama Butterfly (1925)
  • Elisabeth Rethberg in Fidelio (1925)
  • Rudolph Ganz Portrait
  • Roland Hayes Portrait
  • Roland Hayes Portrait
  • Roland Hayes Portrait
  • Richard Tauber Portrait
  • Riccardo Martin Portrait
  • Orville Harrold Portrait
  • Nelson Eddy Portrait
  • Nellie Melba Portrait
  • Myra Hess Portrait
  • Mary Garden Portrait
  • Marion Talley Portrait
  • Marion Talley Portrait
  • Marian Anderson Portrait
  • Luisa Tetrazzini Portrait
  • Lotte Lehmann Portrait
  • Lawrence Tibbett Portrait
  • Lawrence Tibbett Portrait
  • Kirsten Flagstad Portrait
  • Julia Bertha Culp Portrait
  • John Charles Thomas Portrait
  • Harold Bauer Portrait
  • Grace Moore Portrait
  • Geraldine Farrar Portrait
  • Fritz Kreisler Portrait
  • Fritz Kreisler Portrait
  • Francesca Peralta The Scotti Grand Opera Company Portrait
  • Feodor Chaliapin Portrait
  • Feodor Chaliapin Portrait
  • Ezio Pinza Portrait
  • Ernestine Schumann-Heink Portrait
  • Ernestine Schumann-Heink Portrait
  • Emma Eames Portrait in 1905
  • Efrem Zimbalist Portrait Playing Violin
  • Efrem Zimbalist Portrait with Violin
  • Efrem Zimbalist Portrait
  • Carroll Glenn Portrait
  • Anne Brown Portrait Headshot
  • Anne Brown White Dress Portrait
  • Tito Schipa Portrait
  • Tito Schipa Portrait
  • Tito Schipa Portrait
  • Tito Schipa Portrait
  • Vicente Escudero Portrait
  • Yehudi Menuhin Portrait


Members’ Books

Members’ Books offer a snapshot of the LMC’s activities, musical programs, and members in a given season or seasons. Membership Books are listed in chronological order. Click on the image for access to the full members’ book.

1905-1906 Members' Book   1910-1911 Members' Book   1911-1912 Members' Book
1912-1913 Members' Book   1913-1914 Members' Book   1914-1915 Members' Book
1915-1916 Members' Book   1916-1917 Members' Book   1917-1918 Members' Book
1918-1919 Members' Book   1919-1920 Members' Book   1920-1921 Members' Book
    1922-1923 Members' Book    
1924-1925 Members' Book   1925-1926 Members' Book   1926-1927 Members' Book
1927-1928 Members' Book   1928-1929 Members' Book   1929-1930 Members' Book
1930-1931 Members' Book   1931-1932 Members' Book    
1932-1934 Members' Book   1934-1936 Members' Book   1936-1938 Members' Book
1938-1940 Members' Book   1940-1942 Members' Book   1942-1944 Members' Book
1944-1946 Members' Book   1946-1948 Members' Book   1948-1950 Members' Book
1950-1952 Members' Book   1952-1954 Members' Book   1954-1956 Members' Book
1956-1958 Members' Book   1958-1960 Members' Book   1960-1962 Members' Book
1962-1964 LMCMembers' Book   1964 - 1966 LMC Members' Book   1966 - 1968 LMC Members' Book
1968 - 1970 LMC Members' Book   1970 - 1972 LMC Members' Book   1972 - 1974 LMC Members' Book
1974 - 1976 LMC Members' Book   1976 - 1978 LMC Members' Book    

1980 - 1982 LMC Members' Book

  1982 - 1984 LMC Members' Book   1984 - 1986 LMC Members' Book


Historical LMC Bylaws

Bylaws were printed in Members’ Books but also printed separately at times.

1923 LMC By-Laws

1935 LMC By-Laws

Historical LMC Auxiliary Members’ Books

The LMC Auxiliary was formed in 1929 to “give young women music students an opportunity for greater self-expression in the Art and an opportunity for the realization of the joy of music as an activity in their lives through the aiding of one another in this accomplishment” (Constitution, Article II). Similar to the LMC Members’ Books, the Auxiliary Members’ Books capture the full activities of the Auxiliary, a list of members and officers, and musical programs. Earlier year books also provide a detailed history of the Ladies Musical Club Auxiliary.

1931-1932 LMC Auxiliary Members’ Book

1934-1935 LMC Auxiliary Members’ Book

1953-1954 LMC Auxiliary Members’ Book

Historical LMC Programs

The LMC provided many musical concerts for the Seattle public, both performed by members as well as performances by world-famous artists for the LMC’s Artist Concert Series (1900-1995). The LMC has record of the programs in both the Members’ Books as well as individual programs that were provided at the event.

  • Claudio Arrau Concert Program 1944
  • Eleanor Steber Concert Program 1950
  • Erica Morini Concert Program 1945
  • George London Concert Program 1954 p1
  • George London Concert Program 1954 p2
  • Jan Peerce Concert Program 1945
  • John Charles Thomas Concert Program 1943
  • Marjorie Lawrence Concert Program 1939
  • Eugene List Concert Program 1946
  • Marian Anderson Concert Program 1940 p1
  • Marian Anderson Concert Program 1940 p2
  • Marian Anderson Concert Program 1940 p3
  • Marian Anderson Concert Program 1940 p4
  • Robert Casadesus Concert Program 1939
  • LMC Concert Program 1893 p1
  • LMC Concert Program 1893 p2
  • LMC Concert Program 1893 p3
  • LMC Concert Program 1891

Historical LMC Secretary’s Books

Secretary’s books reveal the meticulous inner workings of the LMC and give insight into the LMC’s various programs. Books from 1951 to 1970 are currently available with more forthcoming.

1951-1955 LMC Secretary's Minutes
1951-1955 LMC Secretary’s Minutes

1955-1956 LMC Secretary's Minutes
1955-1956 LMC Secretary’s Minutes

1962-1964 LMC Secretary's Minutes
1962-1964 LMC Secretary’s Minutes

Other LMC Collection Holdings

LMC’s history in documents is stored in several different Seattle-area institutions, including the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), Seattle Public Library, and University of Washington.


Museum of History and Industry and Ladies Musical Club have a longstanding partnership. MOHAI stores over 40 boxes of LMC’s archival materials and has hosted LMC board meetings, concerts, and even the LMC’s 125th birthday celebration and concert.


Seattle Public Library has been hosting free LMC public concerts for over two decades. It also retains a collection of important LMC materials.


University of Washington has had many ties to the LMC since LMC’s inception in 1891. Several interesting LMC materials are also housed in its collections, including original sheet music by LMC composer Amy Worth, a four-volume collection of works by LMC member Irene Rodgers, and various club documents.

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