Original Works by LMC Composers

Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Frye Art Museum
704 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

London Songs by Janet Anderson (b. 1967)

  1. A March day in London (words by Amy Levy)
  2. Straw in the street (Amy Levy)
  3. London poets (Amy Levy)
  4. Fog (words by John Davidson)
  5. London’s summer morning (words by Mary Robinson)

Katie Hochman, soprano & Janet Anderson, piano

Beach Rocks by Nicole Truesdell

  1. Reef
  2. Beach Boulder
  3. Skipping Stone
  4. Sand

Geisa Dutra, piano

in 1 Nursery Rhymes for Julia (Charles Strong) by Nicole Truesdell (b. 1973)

  1. Go to Sleep
  2. The Sly Crocodile
  3. Robin Redbreast
  4. The Plump Prairie Dog

Susan Strick, soprano and Maria Khavin, piano


THREE PRELUDES:  Peace…Lost and Found by Carol Ritchie (b. 1955)

Geisa Dutra, piano

Reach for Me by Kathy Roberts (b. 1954)

Sweet Sorrow

Regina Thomas, soprano and Lucy Wenger, piano


Regina Thomas, soprano and Lucy Wenger, piano
Kelly Van Camp (guest artist), harmonica

LMC Composers Group first collaborative concert was in November of 2016. Pictured below L to R: Janet Anderson, Sarah Conyers, Nicole Truesdell, Kathy Roberts