The Inspiring Words of Emily Dickinson

Monday, December 9, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
University House, Wallingford
4400 Stone Way North

Born in December of 1830, Emily Dickinson was an incredibly prolific and influential American poet.  She wrote close to 1800 poems and yet, fewer than a dozen were published in her lifetime and those were heavily edited in order to fit the current sensibilities of society.  The topics of many of her poems concerned death and immortality.

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Tonight’s Program

Settings by John Duke (1899-1984)

Good morning, Midnight
Heart! We will forget him!
Let down the bars, Oh Death
An awful tempest mashed the air
Nobody knows this little Rose
Bee! I’m expecting you!

Amber Rose Johnson, soprano and Lucy Wenger, piano

Settings by Craig Urquhart

It’s All I Have to Bring Today
On This Wondrous Sea

Settings by Lori Laitman

“The Butterfly upon” from One Bee and Revery
“Hope is a Strange Invention” from One Bee and Revery
“To Make A Prairie” from One Bee and Revery

Good Morning Midnight
Wider than the Sky

Clarice Alfonso, soprano and Lucy Wenger, piano

from Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson by Aaron Copland (1900-1990)

Why do they shut me out of heaven?
Heart, we will forget him
Dear March, come in!
When they come back
I felt a funeral in my brain
Going to heaven!
I’ve heard an organ talk sometimes

Lin Chen, soprano and Lucy Wenger, piano

Settings by Ricky Ian Gordan (b. 1956)

Too Few the Mornings Be
If All the Griefs I Am to Have
Bee! I’m Expecting You
I’m Nobody! Who are You?
Will There Really be a Morning?

Beth Ann Bonnecroy, soprano and Lucy Wenger, piano