Ladies Musical Club featured in The Woodinville Weekly Newspaper

LMC was recently featured in the February 13, 2018 edition of The Woodinvile Weekly newspaper.  With the eye-catching headline “The Ladies Musical Club: A Real Meat and Potatoes Organization”, the article briefly describes the history of the organization and the impact LMC, through its members, continues to make on the Seattle area through its concert series and educational outreach initiatives. Below is an excerpt with a link to the full story:

From The Woodinville Weekly; 13 Feb 2018; Written by Kirsten Abel

The Ladies Musical Club of Seattle has a quaint-sounding name.

“You immediately see hats and gloves and teacups and so on,” said Dorene Kenkman, a Carnation resident and a former Ladies Musical Club president.

But the club—organization might be a better word for it—is anything but quaint.  “This is something that’s got real meat and potatoes to it and it’s been going for over 100 years,” Kenkman said.

Ellen Bartlett Bacon, along with several other women, launched the organization out of her Seattle house in 1891. According to the Ladies Musical Club website, the group was dedicated to “developing the musical talent of its members, and stimulating musical interest in Seattle.”

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