2013-2014 Seattle Schools Served by Music in Schools Programming

First Place 50 students; serving homeless and transient children.
Highland Park 320 students; 29% Latino; 31% Asian; 20% African-American; 73.3% free or reduced cost lunch program.
Maple 464 students; primarily Asian; 63.1% free or reduced cost lunch program.
Pinehurst K-8 82 students; 13% Latino; 12% African American; 12% Asian/Pacific-Islander; 9% multiracial; 53% free or reduced cost lunch program; alternative curriculum.
Rainier View 200 students; 25% English language learners; 40% African American; 26% Asian/Pacific-Islander; 14% Latino; 12% Multiracial; 67% free or reduced lunch cost program.
Sandpoint 232 students; 27% English language learners; 29% African American; 26% Asian; 16% Hispanic; 4% Native American; 60% free or reduced lunch program.
Southshore K-8 390 students; 40% African-American; 30% Asian/Pacific-Islander; 9% Latino; 8% multiracial; 59% free or reduced lunch program.

Although Lowell Elementary School was not part of the Music in Schools group, through a special arrangement, LMC funding was able to provide six sessions of dance instruction by Chris Daigre of Ewajo Dance Project.

He taught a group of less-accomplished transfer students Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which they performed for their schoolmates and parents. The sense of achievement that these children received from the performance, their pride in their success, and rare opportunity for their parents to participate in a school arts activity all contributed to the triumphant conclusion of the project.